Best time to plant trees

Hello all,

When is a good time to plant trees? Normally one would be advised to plant trees just before the monsoon starts. However many western web sites also recommend fall - early winter time.

The site is Western ghats at 3500+ feet elevation with red soil.  This time we could not use the monsoon window.

Thank you.


Hi Satish,

  Aug-Nov is the best time for planting any type of tress in India.

  Reason: 1. There is adequate rainfall for the sapling to take care of themselves.
                2. The temperature is also moderate and desnt burn the new plants 
                3. It grows sufficient so that it can withstand the harsh summer etc.

My 2 cents, hope other memeber may have more ideas…


I’d recommend mid to late June based on my experience planting 600+ trees this year. Though monsoon helps one must be ready to water if needed (ensure that there is an additional water source). It depends upon on how much rain you get in your area, how often it rains and amount of rain (average, above average etc). While when you plant matters, how you plant and quality of saplings matters as well.

I f you water to irrigate and saplings ready you can do it immediately. Never postpone planting. Window is very short do it immediately. 

Hello Hariprasanth,

Thank you for response.

I have water. So I will go ahead. Many US based experts advise  to plant trees during winter when roots get a chance to establish before spring arrives.


Thank you Mr. Satish,

As per the Indian Climatic Conditions any time is Better for Plantation  provided water is available. If we Grow a Plant in little Bit Adverse Conditions, it will survive and Grow well when favorable Conditions Prevails. Don’t delay in going for Plantation Crops.

Vasudha Green Farms,

Mr. Satish,
Please don`t think I am rude is your farm at US. Terms, climate soil method plant kind they all vary from place to place. Keep it as a thumb rule never look at others farm and try to copy it be bold and do what your soil can afford.

No offence taken my friend.