Best Seed Varieties

What are the best seed varities in terms of yield and crop duration.



Best variety is a function of climate and market demand. What is good for one area doesn’t work in another.

For example, many people prefer the sour desi types but desi types yield less and have poor transport and keeping qualities. There are good hybrids such as Arka Rakshak and Heem Sohna but as far as I know Heem Sohna does not perform well in summer. Again, the choice of variety depends on open or green house cultivation, how long you want the crop to remain etc.

Same with all others. Brinjal comes in different shapes, sizes, tastes, spininess and colours - markets have very specific preferences in each area. Cowpea can be short like french bean or can be very long, colours range from green to purple.

So essentially, you will have to review the features and choose by suitability to market, pest and disease resistance and your own climate & season.

Very generic answer.

to a generic question?

Please define what is “best” yield and duration.

Yield - Maximum
Duration - Minimum

Crop wise …Like Arka Rakshak is high yield varity in short duration of 140 days and shelf life is also good but cant be grown above 35°C …so in summers needs to be grown inside polyhouse.

Hope this clarifies the question in more detail.