Best medicinal Plant for cultivation / Basically to export

Hi frnds.

This is vishno. Merchant exporter. I have been exporting Rice. I have got 10 acres of land. I would like to cultivate some medicinal plants.

could you pls suggest some medicinal plants.


Pls give Medicinal plant growers contacts. I will learn from them.
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Medicinal herbs are are not directly exported. They are exported in the form of extract or ready made medicine. some leaves and roots are exported.
senns leaf graded is exported from tuticorin.
Isabgol husk from north india,
Some herbs eg. Tulasi, kalmeg grown organically some companies exporting.
Culinary herbs like oreganum, celery are also exported in fresh condition.
In all above cases it is safeĀ  to make agreement with the buyer and grow/ arrange the material.

In the plains Gloriosa Superba is the plant whose tubers are sold @ 2-3 dollars per tuber in America.Next important crop is guggul which has become a rare specie in India due to theft of forest products. The safed musali,senna,shatawar,sarpgandha,mulathi(glycrrizha glabra) are next in seniority.The products made out of Artemesia annua are also exportable.