Best High yield / High value crops around Bangalore

Dear Farmnest members,

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I am Farm enthusiast and currently planning to start agriculture in 2014.
My farm land is located in Anekal near Bangalore.

I intend to do farming of High Value / high yielding crops but only the ones suitable to
the soil and surrounding environmental conditions.

I will be thankful, if some one can guide me about the following information,

  1. Request your help to understand the High value / high yielding crops that can be grown in 
        and around Bangalore

  2. Where can i get the soil tested and know the best suited crops and the crop cycle in my

  3. Is there any single place only where i can understand the subsidies and other benefits
        provided by state and central government for agriculture.

Thanks in advance and request your help.


Thank you Sir,

If you Can concentrate Full time in Your Farm you Can go for Vegetable Cultivation 25% of Land out of which you Can go for GREEN House initially in 1/4 Acre and increase Gradually after Gaining Experience. In the Remaining Land Various Fruit Crops Like mango, Wood Apple,Palm Granite etc  as per the Demand of the Fruits in Bangalore.  Don’t go  for a Single Fruit Garden for this remaining Land.In Karnataka there is no Problem for Providing Subsidy for Agri& Horticulture crops. You Approach Agriculture/Horticulture Department.

Kindly Mail your Farm Layout so that  we will Provide you a Detailed Layout for Your Farm.

Vasudha Green Farm,,

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