Best footwear to wear while in farm

Hi friends,

Which is the best footwear to wear while in farm. I tried normal walking shoes but they got wet. Need shoe type / brand.

Please do not tell me that barefoot is best :slight_smile: I can’t do that all the time.

Dear Mr. Keep growing,
                    No doubt answer is in your question itself, barefoot is the best thing to walk on farms. Sorry for your unwanted suggestion. Even the reality is , generally our foots are soft and sensitivity
Is less. Once you start practicing On barefoot walking, foots naturally will become tough enough and more sensitive to stones and thorns as fast as , you will not be hurt on rough surfaces.
                    Even I may suggest you can use 1.industrial half boots or 2, or you may choose strain proof,waterproof ,tougher type of shoes which I think you have import. Brands available on  CAT, (caterpillar) and lot of others. You pls refer on the net. (I m n footwear field sir)

In UK they were called Wellington boots. They are hard durable tough plastic. Ideal for farm use. I have seen farmers using it in UK. You may want to check their availability in India

I use Gum boots when on a natural farm with zero cultivation.  Better to be safe.  If in Bangalore, in SP/SJP road there are many shops that sell these shoes (which cover upto just below knee).  I had purchased a pair that costed Rs.550/-