Berkeley Composting - composting in 18 days

Hi All,
got to know about a composting technique which is efficient and the compost can be prepared in 18 days. A bit of work involved, but composting in 18 days, that too a very fine compost - should be welcomed. The technique is called Berkeley composting technique. The steps that have to be followed can be accessed in the following link. … n-18-days/

Hope this helps some of the community members.


It is simply NADEP system of making manure in India.We here take 3 months and they profess of 18 days.Slow process of NADEP is expected to make better manure.This process of turning the heap everyday does not appear practical as well as healthy.Who has time to waste on this daily ritual.Nature made manure will certainly be better.

Kevin from epicgardening has reached out to us to let us know of an up-to-date article he has written on composting weeds, which you can find here: