Being totally self sufficient in a 100 sqm plot (100% natural)

Is it possible to be totally self sufficient in a 100 sqm plot - can anyone suggest, with detail a plan how one can achieve this without the use of pesticides & fertilisers - 100% natural or organic way?

I believe your question is whether one can live completely independently producing all the food needed on 100 sqm plot. I doubt it because it is pretty small piece of land. In a very small piece of land it becomes a challenge to establish enough diversity, produce enough organic matter, get enough light, store/get enough water to grow plants. A complete self sufficient system needs space for animals and birds. Obviously 100 sqm is too small for that. However, you can grow quite a bit of veggies, greens and some fruits etc. in 100 sq. if you plan well and utilize all the available space by using multi-layer technique - provided enough sun light is available. But in any case you will have to fetch manure, water etc. from outside (means - no complete self sufficiency). My experience so far shows at least half acre is needed for a decent degree of self-sufficiency - assuming there is good water supply. A larger space like couple of acres provides space for water storage, may be a small pond and small birds. Larger space like a hectare or two is even better - you can have good water storage and lot of space for birds, animals etc. I would say couple of hectares is ideal.