Beehives in moringa production

It is a fact that honeybees are the main pollinators in moringa .A single bee visits 1000 flowers a day and see hundreds of thousands of bees are buzzing around in the moringa plantations aiding in pollinations and fruit set .So the yield of pods is naturally high due to more assisted pollination in moringa field . beehives are set up @ 5 numbers in one acre to facilitate natural cross pollination in moringa . Each beehive produces minimum 20 kgs of honey in a year and 5 beehives produce about 100 kgs of honey that looks dark brown in colour , rich in antioxidants and bioactive compounds and sweet in taste .
Since honeybees are reared in moringa field ,should avoid synthetic insecticides that are harmful and use only neem oil , organic pesticides and bio-pesticide as protective spray instead of curative spray .The flowers of varietal moringa like ODC in the class of Moringa oleifera species are rich source of sweet nectars . So the farmers who cultivate moringa crop in significantly larger area can integrate apiary @ 5 per acre and get the benefit of moringa honey as additional income apart from higher yield of pods say 30,000 to 35000 kgs per acre .

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Dear Mr Ramu,
Can you please share details about Where do we get honey bee box with bee hives
Also about training materials pls share