Become an employer than being an employee

Moringa oleifera is a million dollar crop .In our country ,being the home land of moringa, millions of highly educated men continue to remain either unemployed or underemployed and they toil and moil most of the day to keep their life boat sailing through many adverse circumstances and now COVID 19 has forced many out of their job . An easy crop moringa is your lucky crop that can change your destiny . Always grow organic crop . Moringa leaves fly in the sky in icebox to Oman ,Qatar ,London ,Sweden , Netherland , Norway ,France . Moringa pods travel into Malaysia ,Singapore , Middle east ,European countries . Moringa leaf powder , tablets ,capsules are used in food and pharmaceutical industries in American countries ,Australia , Europe , Japan .
Global demand for moringa products in 2025 is $ 10 billion . Entire potential of this miracle crop moringa still remains unexplored .A little more effort in value addition and SCM and wise thinking would certainly change an employee or unemployed into a promising employer . The COVID 19 has thrown a toughest challenge before the global community and sure Indian Moringa has immense potential to earn billion if and when properly explored in all subtleties .

Nice article… are there buyers readily available ?

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Whatever produced is only for sale after self consumption in family …lot of buyers ( wholesaler and retailers ) and end users in market …