Beautiful Problem: Peacocks

It used to be a rare sight to spot one or even get a feather. But in the recent years they are becoming a problem, lack of predators, at least in our area seem to have increased their population lately.

They eat the young buds, fruits, vegetables and just about anything edible. They don’t really eat them all, just waste them and ruin the crops.

Any solution that doesn’t involve hurting them?

Dear Sri Senthil,

My friends are having lands in between Chikballapur and Doddaballapura, interior area, abutting to pinakini river birth place.

They generally shout and/or keep pet dogs, when peacock enters in to their lands with crops. In general, they won’t come in or they stay there, when dogs shout and tries to attack them. Except in mating seasons,
generally they go away with dogs shout.

The plus point with pet dogs is ,they shout and threatens the peacocks, but they won’t bite them or damage.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately we don’t have the option of pet dog at the location, but will look into that.

this is not only your problem. Most vegetable farmers has. I have stopped growing many crops just for this reason.
In summer this menace is more because they dont get anything to eat.

Another method is you have to study what they like grow it as trap crop and what they dont like have them as main crop. I am in the process of finding what they like more.

Would be interesting to know what they don’t like. I am looking to try is Quinoa, Hoping the naturally occurring saponin would deter them.

Also someone suggested spraying water diluted with chill powder. But Quinoa sounds promising, will have to see.

I have not found what they dont like but figured out they like most is tender shoots of all legumes and cucurbites.

If it’s s smaller area. Use nylon netting to protect the crop