Basic culture of India is Agriculture

The newly elected Vice President of India says “the basic culture of India is Agriculture”. It is so nice to hear such words and references to Agriculture from the 2nd highest authoritative person of India in his speech. Also I feel proud that he belongs to farming community.

All these are good. But when would a farmer really lead a happy life again. When can he (farmer) setup his own price for his produce like the way all companies do. Will he (farmer) shift to producer role again from consumer role? I heard in older days he used to be only a producer, but later after all the industrialization or the so called green revolution, he has become a consumer (of fertilizers, pesticides, seeds companies, finance guys, etc…). He was happy when he was just a producer but we know how he is now in his consumer role…

Until a time when farmer receives a major chunk of the consumer pie, the woes will remain.

It is pathetic how so little reaches the producer who takes all the risks, while the channel players dictate terms and quality specifications while enjoying huge cuts in the pie.

True Chandra, The producer gets the lowest value in the traditional supply chain. Has any one tried applications and wesites which allow for direct sale via internet? I was looking at a few applications and websites and i found it heartning to see avenues being created for direct sale of produce to large buyers.