Bangalore : Permaculture workshop at Navadarshanam: June16 - June 22, 2013

Posting from Navadarshanam

We are pleased to announce a 7-day workshop on Permaculture at Navadarshanam. Permaculture is a design methodology that uses a set of principles and practices to design sustainable human settlements and is derived from the concept of “permanent agriculture”. Please see attached document for details regarding the workshop.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please send an email with a subject line of “Permaculture” to Gopi Sankarasubramani at  to obtain fee information and registration details.

ndpermaculture.pdf (772 KB)

Hi Seshu,

I knew for sometime.
After seeing your post, just out of curiosity, I’ve tried to check on their website but failed to find this announcement.
Please understand I’m only trying to understand where they usually post such stuff.


I am in the Navadarshanam mailing list. Hence I get regular mails from them. Try responding to the mail id provided.

WhiteClover, I don’t think they update their website. When I went there, I left my e-mail id with them in the guest book, and keep getting mails from then on.