Banana tree propping using PVC pipes

Anyone have experience using PVC pipes for Banana tree propping ? In my place we use bamboo or Eucalyptus tree for support but the life of the support sticks or maximum 3 to 4 years. Instead of using bamboo or Eucalyptus for supporting banana tree, I am thinking of using PVC or iron pipes for support. I know the capital investment is going to be bit high compared to conventional method but durability of the PVC pipes are longer compared to conventional.

Appreciate if someone using PVC or iron pipes for propping can share the experience and economics involved in it.

In my place using the plastic tapes are not viable.

Thank you

I have seldom seem support for banana tree,pl check if watering is too much,actually Banana tree should stand on its own ! :slight_smile:

Most bananas require propping.
We have a selection named SONA which does not require propping due to very small angle of bunch emergence.
Please contact us for details.

Thank you