Banana Plants - Info needed

Hello all,

I am planning to plant couple of thousand banana plants (G9 and putta bale). Appreciate if experts can guide me on where to procure the TC culture G9 and also rhizome of putta bale. My farm is near K.R. Pet and I was planning on sourcing the material from at a closer distance to make transportation cheap.

As well I heard that govt is offering Rs. 15 as subsidy to cultivate G9 variety. Anyone has any info abt this?


Dear Biju,

for TC, Jain intls is well known company with complete service packages covering most parts of India.  pls visit their web site for local contacts.

Sine your farm is close to Kerala, just analysis on TC Nendran and normal red poovan (raktha kathali/chomanna poowan) both have good market there. Nethran can be planned just for ONAM crop for better value. Raktha kathali has very big base and stem and hence it can sustain even in a big wind.

for local varities like rakta kathali or njalipoovan may better to do natural way so continues bunches can be expected in long run.


FYI, placed the order for G-9 variety saplings from hunsur area for Rs. 11/plant including transportation. Should be planting them in couple of weeks time.

On a side note, has someone in the group kept a record of G-9 cultivation and willing to share the experience?



You should have planted banana 2 to 3 weeks prior to monsoon. Results would have been better. During heavy nonstop rains banana sort of has slow growth. So the initial growth stage will get effected.

This year as per a local astrologers there will be lot of winds and very less thunderstorm. with Heavy rains. In Kerala it was raining nonstop for last few days. since yesterday it took a break. I guess it is the same in other parts of western ghats. By 17 july heavy rains should start back again.

Give good support for banana if yours is just Banana plantation, winds will not just destroy banana but also large weak trees. Be careful.


Thanks for the advice. Yes, it would have been ideal to plant them earlier. Procuring the plants and FYM set me back by few weeks. Will have to deal with it.


hi pal

tc banana are available at Kanakapura, Mysore, and in bangalore plenty tc units worrking and selling

the dept of horticulture is giving subsidy Rs.5.00 per plant