Banana plantation

Banana plantation in andhrapradesh .what is called karchi thota and mokka thota

Banana plantation in AP is ARTI Thota

Thank you Bhayya. In Banana “MOKKATOTA” is called the First  Plantation is called the  “Banana MOKKATOTA”. It will take 10-12 Months of time for Harvesting in case of Tissue Culture. After wards the tillers will grow side by the Mother Plant. One tiller will be left and other Tillers will be removed. The second crop  is called “FIRST KARSI TOTA”. This 2nd crop harvesting is lessen by 1-2 Months than that of the  “MOKKATOTA”. Then afterwards similar procedure will be followed for the “SECOND KARSI TOTA”. After Harvesting the “SECOND KARSI TOTA” the entire plants will be removed and will go for another Crop.After “SECOND KARSI TOTA” keeping of the Plants for 3rd Karsi Tota will not give economical yield.In the Present scenario BANANA Cultivation is GOOD Provided sufficient  water is there.One Can get a Minimum Income of Rs.1.50 Lakhs/Acre provided  one Planted GRAND NINE  Variety of  Tissue Culture Plants from a Reputed Farm Nursery. It is suggested to go for plantation during October-December to get a GOOD Market. The Harvesting will be during Festival season. Generally several Farmers are Planting during June-July  and Harvesting will be in the Mango season when no GOOD Market for Banana.

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