Banana farming for a beginning farmer?

Dear Suresh,

I am very much interested in starting farming as an occupation and if at all i am starting, i will be a first generation farmer. that means, i do not have any experience or lineage in farming. so i look forward to having some guidance from you.

I am looking to start with some crop with the least harvest time as well as having some good value. Can you suggest some crops please? what i have in mind is to start banana cultivation as it has only a crop-cycle of only 10months (pls correct me if i am wrong, sir). from my understanding, i think black soil would be best suited for growing bananas. can you pls suggest some high yield varieties that is suitable for growing in kerala or in the border districts of karnataka/tamil nadu? can you please suggest some places in kerala/karnataka/tamil nadu where the soil is best suited to start a banana farm? also, are there any negative points that i should keep in mind before starting a banana farm?

do you think banana farming to be a good idea for a first time farmer? humbly requesting you valued advise & suggestions.

thanking you in advance.

Dear  Mr.vinod,

G-9 is the best suited variety, plse enter Tamilnadu, Theni Dist. for banana cultivation.

Secondly  Polyhouse cultivation Of Yard beans , Bitter gourd is highly  profitable. Plse  let me know

your    location, Phone number etc… more details contact Mr.siddha  Ramesh , Soft ware Engineer,


Thank  you

Good luck

thank you for the info.

Dear Mr.Vinod,

plse note my Cell No.09947892496 See oct .issue Karshakasree -page 29 (about cardamom),

or visit my farm at Ramakkalmedu Idukki, Kerala

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Banana crop may be first for u and may not for land where you propose to grow. Pl.make sure learn about the history of the land i.e. what crops were grown during last 5-10 years. was there any incidence of Bacterial wilt/fungal wilt .In case if banana had been grown earlier and had wilt problem, then take it for sure that u will land in trouble (Banana wilt causing organism Fusarium survives in soil for more than thirty years without host. therefore be careful. For first timer you can try banana in a patch and observe the performance and study the occurrence of pests and diseases. if nothing serious u can plan forlarger plantation. Otherwise there many remunerative crops that can be grown without fear of loosing.

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any examples?


There are many crops that can be grown- he can venture into floriculture-for cut flowers in open condition or for export under controlled condition. it all depends on the interest of the individual farmer. I think this forum is not for testing the intelligence of others but to get good suggestions from anybody who are involved in such profession either as a farmer or as professional/scientist researcher in order overcome certain problems that some body may be facing.

sorry I think you may have misunderstood, what I meant to ask is for non traditional agriculturist or farmers it would always be good to know of crops that are considerably risk free for the initial years where they may be learning etc

what would be some examples of a less risky start up crop for around 3-4 acres (not prone to pests, diseases and easy to cultivate and earn some money for the beginner)

He can take cultivation of mari gold flowers and or french beans. These two are short term crops/seasonal crops which would give fair returns and management problems are minimum. Marigold has beneficial effects on soils while preventing pests attacking the crops. beans helps in build of nitrogen content in the soil. Further,both adds organic matter once ploughed back after harvests. In the meanwhile he can visit fields nearby his farm and try to understand what others are doing and gather as much information about their experiences with other crops, cropping pattern best suited for the area and any body who have tried innovative methods/measures, marketing etc. All this will help one to finalise his crop. other wise simply approach the technical personnel available in taluk headquarters and seek their suggestion.Ones financial background also is important to suggest any adventures, but it is not good ask somebody about his economic conditions in such open forum. He may contact me or you in private or anyone whom he think OK for him and proceed further.

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Dear Mr. Vinod,

Why You are worrying about Banana  cultivation? Plse refer  Banana Network

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Dear Vinod,
Are you there? Have you got anything from the above discussions?
Started and not responding! it is for you all are taking time to come up with their expertise and you are silent?
Get back with your grasping and achievement if any out from this?

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