Banana farm visit

Hi Friends,

I am going to start banana farm in around 10 acres of land. Before planting, i just wanted to see any farm where banana is already cultivated, so that i can have a feel of the farming. Please suggest if anybody is ready to allow me to visit their banana farms. I am ready to pay some consultancy/visitor’s feel as well.

sanjaya (09849991302)

Do not run around to see the banana plantation in others’ farms.Plant bananas row to row and plant to plant 6’x6’ and see to it that approximately 1200 plants get planted in one acre.Go ahead like a brave soul and enjoy the fruits of your efforts.Please keep getting out weeds every week and ensure watering at the interval of approximately 15 days.In case soil is dry you can do it a bit fast.Even if you feel you are not fully comfortable contact me on phone No 09956201856 or e mail; will guide you step by step.You can plant G-9 variety for better results.All the best

Thanks you sir Mr.rcdixit.

thanks for your courage. I will definitely call on your no and we can discuss further on plantation queries.

Thanks & Regards
sanjaya (09849991302)