Banana cultivation with drip irrigation

Can You please direct me about the implementation of drip irrigation in banana cultivation. We have around 500 banana plantains. So what type of drip irrigation we have to use. Which is the good supplier for this in kerala

I have personally seen lot of banana plantation drip irrigated.

My advice would be to go for online emitter drip system rather than inline emitter system, as it offers flexibility on spacing & emitter sizing.

Suggest you to see if you have any vendor of Jain or Netafim in your locality or if you have sufficient manpower try DIY.


Saravana Kumar

What is this inline and online emitters. Please inform

Dear Devanarayan,

The drip tube laterals will have something called as drippers which are components with holes through which the water will drip out of the tube.

If the drippers are built-in the tube itself, they are called as inline drippers. In such cases, you cannot alter the spacing of the drippers since they are already embedded in the tubes during manufacturing.

In contrast, online drippers are drippers  which can be fitted by you on the tube at the spacing you want.

I guess online drippers are a little more costly, but I am not sure by how much.


I’am very happy to hear about this drip irrigation. But for banana  is it required  to form a circle over the soil to efficiently irrigate  it or just a t only oen place is enough.  That means we can put staright line tubes wiyh small holes at each banana plantain or is it good to forma circular shape of the pipe around every banana with small holes. I there any advantage in such mechanism. Pleas ereply have to form a loop

Thank you Sir,
Not Necessary to make round the Lateral. If you had Put 8 LP dipper it is sufficient. If not sufficient as per the soil Conditions, you insert one more dipper of 4 LP on both the sides of the Plant if the water yield is sufficient, because the root Zone of the Banana is Parallel.  Pl. Find the Images of the Plantain Banana which I have grown with 4 Lp lateral + 4LP + 4 LP  Laterals on both sides at a distance of 1 Foot. The Plants Grown well and has given a GOOD Crop.

Dear Devnarayananji,

My personal opinion & experience:
If your land is quite levelled without too much of ups and downs & your water source and motor capacity are good, then you may well think of online drippers i.e., laterals with emitter tubes. On contrary, if your land has considerable level variations, then it is better to go for inline dripper i.e., built-in drippers.

Advantage of inline or built-in drippers is that it allows uniform water distribution regardless of level variations, accurate distribution of fertilizers in case if you are planning to adopt fertigation (method of applying water soluble fertilizers through drip) leading to nearly uniform growth of plants and hence harvest of uniform sized bunches which ultimately fetch you comparatively better prices.

One thing with inline drippers is that you may have to give water for a longer duration. This suits the situation where longer hours of power availability is during the nights and you can open more number of valves and sleep without having to get up to change the valves every 2 hours or so in the middle of the night.
If you have plans to give jeevamrutha through inline drip, then it may be little difficult and has the risk of clogging the drippers.

Also if you are planning for G9 variety of banana which responds well to precision farming methods i.e., giving water soluble fertilizers etc inline would be more beneficial.

If your land is very much level & if you do not have power problems during the day, then you can go for Online else my personal vote would be for inline :-).
Also, if you have any plans of inter-cultivation especially watermelon / musk melon / , again inline drip would be of help.

Regards & all the best
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When you want to use drip line only for one crop say banana you can go for outside drippers and when you want to use same drip hose for different crops, say banana, corn etc then inline drippers are only choice.