Banana Bunch Covers? any advantages? drawbacks?

I am getting mix information on the uses of Banana Bunch Covers, some says its useful and gives many reasons, some says it doesnt add up for the investment!

can experienced users tell me , should i opt for bunch covers or not?

also can anyone post information about the bunch cover suppliers? I am based in chhattisgarh, and its hard to be founf in the general agriculture outlets?


Dear Samarth,

Reliance polymers do sale PP non-woven skirting bags for Banana cultivation.

Contact them.

But these seems to be bit costlier and may add up your cultivation cost.  You can also check at local vendors who sale other types of covers with low price.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Any rough idea of the cost? per piece?

Thanks and Regards

Are you planning to export? If not, then I would suggest you not to do this since the local banana buyers will not give you any premium. I have tried this in a small portion in my large banana farm and did not get any premium. It adds to your cost.

Hi Samarth,

What Mr.Narasv said is right.

Don’t go for covers until if you are facing pests problem or bunches are get damaged due to sun’s heat or if you really want to export.

The rate i got from Reliance was Rs.10/ per cover(last year price) and they would cut down price if we buy in bulk.(it comes in roll)

Also note that the price of G9 banana can vary between Rs.6/- to 15/- per kg depending upon season and quality.


Definitely there is advantage.This will Protect form pests/Insects/Birds etc.If Covers there will not be any Spots on the Fruits.