Banana and papaya saplings - how to verify

Hi Friends,

I am going to plant banana and papaya in some acres in my farm. I just enquired for tissue culture labs and i found so many of them in south India. The price they quote is more or less same. I am just curious to know, is there any way where we can verify if the saplings they will supply are healty ones and it will give us excellent result and also the plants will not be affected by any kind of diseases ? As i am new to agriculture, i really dont know how to find it out. Please suggest.

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  1. You can collect contact info of regular farmers who already planted and visit the farmers.

  2. if you dont have time to visit farms, you can bargain a contract of warranty with TC lab. If the plants gets desease then they will return the money of plants+a nominal expense of plantation. This depends on the volume. Bigger the volume, easier to bargain.