Bamboo Polyhouse Farming for Vegetables

Dear All,

I want to setup a bamboo poly house(1 Acre) in Jabalpur(Madhya Pradesh).
if anyone is having project details cost breakup or any model/pilot project, kindly guide me.

Thanks in advance


i am from jabalpur as well.
where is your set up exactly ?


Actually we are in a process of making a set-up.
If you have done it or in a process kindly contact.

My number is 8875008216


yea, our set up is complete and working since a year.
All the best with your project.


Generally want is the cost of bamboo poly house per acre

Low Cost Bamboo greenhouse

Dear All,
We have made 2000 sqm of bamboo polyhouse in June 2015.
Successfully finished 1 crop cycle of tomato and capsicum is in running stage.
Here are some photos of my project.
If anyone wants information on this project call me at 8821930305
Pavan Patel

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Wow Pavan Thanks for the followup of your thread and posting the update.

I am sure you have requested to contact you for details. But may be for the benefit of bigger audience can you please post the how one can get this one done. and how much does it cost for the individual farmer.

And also did you find it remunerative to get it constructed without the state/central subsidies or you have availed any subsidies.

Here in state of telangana we have almost 75% subsidy to get the polyhouse constructed.And a farmer can get upto 1 hectare of polyhouse with Govt Subsidy i.e. per acre if farmer can spend about 8.5Lakhs rest of 24 lakhs Govt is ready to support irresepective of which caste do we belong :slight_smile:

Dear Natureworx,

Thanks for the query here are the answers –

  1. How one can get this done- Well here it depends upon what is the project size as sourcing of material is key parameter dependent on project size. For project execution we have trained teams who will erect the polyhouse.

  2. Costing- Its linked with the project size but generally it is in the range of 430-450 Rs./Sqm however for bigger project it will be less. Once location is finalized then costing can be derived as transportation, taxes and other components are involved to derive the costing.

  3. Well if anyone want to go with the state/central subsidies then time should not be the constraint as approvals, sanction will take lot of time. I have done it without subsidy. For the benefit of all please find out from your state authority what the procedure for availing subsidies.

  In case of any other please feel free to post.

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Dear Pawan,
It is very nice to read and see the photos really it is looking good. i am also interested to go for 2000 Sq-mt. but i wants to know how the bamboo can stand with rain & termite. if termite treatment is done what chemical is used by you. i am Hyderabad based and farm is 50 km from Hyderabad. what is the cultivation yield of tomato & capsicum.
Thanks & Regards.

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Dear Azhar,

Proper treatment with combination of chemicals will be given to bamboo so that it won’t be affected by termite in future. Fumigation will make outer layer on bamboo surface to protect it from environmental changes.
Regarding rain since it is protected cultivation so entire structure is covered with the UV film which automatically enables rain protection.
I have got 30 ton/1000 sqm for tomato. For capsicum its harvesting window is not closed so can tell only after its done.

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Hi Pavan,

any updates on your capsicum yield?
we are also planning to erect a polyhouse in hyderabad and would definitely benefir us if you can share some more details

Did you get the polyhouse from 1000petals?
what was the total cost for the polyhouse
are you following chemical or organic farming in the polyhouse
what are the expenses incurred for the tomato crop, and how much profit did u make(hope u dont mind sharing)
did u break-even, if yes in how much time?

looking forward to your responses.

pawan sir what is the height of ur polyhouse