Bamboo Poly House Information


I am looking for more information on Bamboo Polyhouse.

Pls suggest if any one aware of below questions , that will help me to go ahead :

  1. Cost per Acre.
  2. Training center details and cost of training.


You can contact…

Thousand Petals, Pune.

Bamboo Polyhouse Construction  Training .

Approx. Charges 35000 /-


I have also enquired and 35000 just for training is very costly affair.

Did you know about Mr Arup Ratan Ghosh training cost? I am not getting any response from him.

From what I was told, its a patented low cost technology and you’ll learn it from A2Z.  You can use it to build your polyhouse and save some money too.

I had enquired about its 22 May batch but unable to make it due to some more important work. May be I’ll give it a try in future.

The other day I came across a 5 day hydroponic training add  for 50000/-. I had to skip that too  :smiley:

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yeah i am skiping that for high fee as of now … may be later on i will give it a try if will not get proper response from other trainings .

will share update if there is any progress.

You also pls share if you get any other related low cost training detail.