Bamboo Green House

Hi friends
I have came across bamboo green house concepts.
Apart from vendor Thousandpetals there are few people in  Bengal who have expertise in this area.
PLease share your experience in this if you know some one is using bamboo poly house.
Cost is almost 1/3 of normal GI pipes and hence more affordable and more easily scalable.

i am thinking of putting this in Bengal where its hot and humid climate, so any member having prior experience can share their inputs.

Amit Dhelia

Hi Amit,

Bamboo is a great choice for construction. It’s rapidly renewable and if it’s pre-treated properly it will last 10-15 years. An institution called ARTI, Pune sells a video CD on use of Bamboo in making structures for use in rural areas. It describes a bamboo geodesic dome briefly around 21 minutes into it. You can download the entire video here as a zip file of 165 mb. The same method can be used to make geodesic tunnel for a greenhouse.

Other resources that might be of use to you:


Walipini Underground Greenhouses

Check out Piyush manush link related to bamboo’z,

Might be he can give you more in detail?

It’s rapidly renewable and if it’s pre-treated properly it will last 10-15 years. [/quote]

I should mention that I do not endorse bamboo pre-treatment with chemicals as described in the video I linked. Treatment with neem-based insecticide such as neemastra or one made out of neem oil should be a more sustainable solution, although I have not tried it.

i have spoken to few people and found out that there is no subsidy on NHB for Bamboo.
Also not getting confidence on it.
Any one have similar experience please share.