Balcony Vegetables

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This is Narendra. I have been facing problem with my balcony plants . I don’t know the reason for the leaves turning yellow colour and getting dried on my Ridge gourd and brinjal .

I am posting pics for reference

Yellowing leaves on plants may often be a sign of too little or too much water (Moisture Stress) / nutrients. Your plant may also be located in too much light where it is scorching, or too little light where it is fading due to an inability to photosynthesise properly.

On the other hand,  If you feel the soil and it is too wet then you know that you have been putting too much water on the plant.
In this case the solution is simple in that you should not add as much water or water less frequently.

Hello Sir,

Thanks for your reply . I have observed that they have become crumble I mean when I touch them they have become very soft , light weight leaves are falling just I touch the plants .

The balcony receives sunlight till 11 in the morning .


Common Reasons for a Plant Dropping Leaves, Leaves drop for many reasons, including environmental stress, pests and disease

* Shock from transplanting

*Wet or Dry Conditions
Many plants will drop their leaves as a result of overly wet or dry conditions. For eg, over-watering commonly results in leaf yellowing & dropping of foliage.
Dry, compacted soil can have the same outcome, as roots become restricted. To conserve water in dry conditions, plants will often shed their foliage.
Overcrowded container plants may drop leaves for the same reason, giving a good indication that re-potting is necessary.

*Pests and Disease
– Finally, certain pests and disease can occasionally cause leaf drop. you should always examine the leaves for  infestation or infection.

Hello Sir,

I have taken few more pictures so that I can know exact reason .

Please find them .

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