Balcony Vegetables

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This is Narendra . I need information about growing vegetables in my balcony . Can anyone tell me about vegetable seeds that I can grow in my home effectively .

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Can be Grown in Balcony either in Soil or in Soil less (Hydroponic).The Vegetables to be Grown depending on the Space available availability of Lighting etc. If you Provide the Space Dimensions,Direction etc through our Mail ID we will Guide you.

Hello Sir,

Please find my balcony pics attached . I am looking for good yield vegetables. I have ample space with two balconies . Presently I have some ornamental plants . I want to replace with vegetables .

Looking for good guidance .

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You should just go for whatever you and your family likes to eat :slight_smile:

Some suggestions:

Tomatoes - Since it’s commonly used in cooking.
1 or 2 Chilli plant
Couple of Okra plants - Needs good sun light.
Beetroot - Doesn’t need a lot of light and easy to grow
Herbs - Coriander & Mint

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Thanks a lot for your reply . Have planted some chillies , tomatoes and bitter gourd .
Waiting for germination .

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Hi Narendra,

Hope your balcony plants are growing good by now; please post some updates and put up some pictures too.

Hi Nithin,

My vegetables have grown pretty good . They have become big . Having some issues but they are doing good .

will post pics soon .

I am having balcony 20 x 20 , what are the suitable cultivation please guide me : Balcony Vegetables


Very nice to see many of the apartment residents showing interest in growing edible gardens.

Its not a tough job to grow vegetables on terrace or balcony as long as we get 3 hours morning sunlight, which is enough for good plant growth.

For beginning, one can try with tomato, chilly which doesn’t require much care. Later can increase the plant count and varieties as well.

What all can be grown in balcony:

  1. Tomato,
  2. Chily
  3. Brinjal
  4. Okra/Bhendi/Lady’s Finger
  5. Leafy vegetables
  6. Gourds
  7. Flowering plants like sun flower, marigold, cosmos, zinnia will help for pollination
  8. Basil, Onion can also be grown and they act as pest repellent


Am attaching sowing calendar, which will be useful for you in understanding when we can grow what kind of vegetables.

As potting mix you can use cocopeat, vermicompost and soil in 48 - 48 - 2% ratio. Cocopeat and Vermicompost reduce the weight on your pots/terrace and easy for us to move them. Using cocopeat retain the moisture levels for long time and doesn’t require to water daily.

Happy Gardening :slight_smile:

Bharath Kumar Reddy
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It is nice thinking about Balcony vegetables. In balcony vegetables you can use vermicompost or other compost which is easily made in your home. You can make pesticides and fungicide also. You can collect more information

HI Bharath,

Looks like you have good knowledge about balcony gardens. I would need your help and advice on a few things. Please let me know how I can contact you.

I have plans on launching a venture on balcony and terrace garden using aquaponics.