B2B startup to cater to online meat delivery companies

Hello Everyone,

There is no b2b startup to cater to online meat delivery companies. These companies easily procure fish and hav tie-ups with poultry farms for chicken, but when it comes to mutton they are facing issues. Currently they buy mutton frm suppliers. Few are also trying to rear sheep’s/goats in large nos through progressive shepherd’s. Still theres a demand and supply gap.

So why not build a startup in this category, like ninja cart who is a link between farmers and e-tailers in vegetables and fruits category.

Also hotelier’s, export firms, super markets and butchers need this service. And the demand is huge. Like luscious alone is close to reach 1lakh orders per month with a average price size of 650/-
Out of this mutton orders stand at 10%-12%

Also current gaps frm farmer to kitchen in this category are many, wch can be plugged by the help of technology ensuring more profits to shepherds and continuous and quality supply to the online companies.

Let thoughts pour in.

A shepherd

Dear Mr Aamir959,

I appreciate your future plannings of direct marketing in goat/sheep mutton. Hope,It will be practical soon in nearby future. Even one farmer, name sri srinivas of M/s Yashodavana Goat farms, hullihalli of Nanjangud taluk, started a big goat farm and started selling Goat milk and its by products also, at premium prices and public also started purchasing.

Good future is there for direct marketing of Goats, Sheeeps meat and goat milk and their by products also. In direct marketing of Goat/Sheep meat, another advantage is they can be marketed comfortably even though the size of the animal is bigger, provided the meat is tender.

example: The sirohi, Beetel, Jamunapari are very big animal breeds and at the tender age of one year it self, they weigh around 50 to 70 kgs, even more, and they are lenghthy animals. In a butcher shop, if they are hanged , they looks at a height of 6 to 7 ft. customers don’t like to purchase, though the meat is tender and very tasty. This problem will not be there, if their meat is marketed directly, online. Very beneficial to farmers and end users also.

I once again appreciate your vision. with best wishes ,    g.p.rao,  farmer

Hi Team,

Its a good topic to discuss with lot of benefits if the challenges are tackled. So let me list out a few challenges to take the discussion ahead.

  1. Most of the customers would want to purchase a specified part of the meat (ribcage, liver, thighs etc…) taking online order for this can be difficult
  2. Some customers are specific about sheep/goat and are doubtful about mixing
  3. Freshness of the inventory can be questioned

check the atta…

Below is the overview of the field research i have done.

I’m interested to take a plunge into this. Look for like minded ppl to join and then take it fwrd.

A shepherd

How to preserve goat milk, for matketing.  It is said that goay milk gets spoiled soon.  Can any one enlighten on this.
ck praba.

Resp C k praba,

We can do pasteurization of Goat milk , after harvest and do tetra packing. It will have a keeping quality of few months.

Goat milk has limited market in south India, at present , where as,  very good market in North India. The tetra packed Goat milk can be exported to North Indian cities/towns comfortably.

Yashodavana goat farms , hirehalli, Mysore are doing. Goat milk industry is in its beginning in South India.

Products like Goat cheese , is having a great market. You can contact NDRI(National Dairy Research Institute) , Bengaluru for cheese technologies.

With best wishes,  g.p.Rao,    farmer

Hello All,
its a good and incredible idea but we need precision to do it
I am on this same track from last 2 years
Till now my work in this line is i have a 60 acre land and have some 400 sheeps with different breeds on trail bases
I have a target of 2000 sheeps by 2019, and trying to have a direct link with end user group
apart from this i have developed a network of 100+ shepherds
hope we can unite and work in this same line
Ibrahim Khan
R&K farm madhugiri

I am vinayak. Thinking on the same line and starting business also in couple of months. Definitely we can share ideas and scale it to next level. Let me know your contact details.