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I am the owner of dairy Farm based in Haryana. I want to grow Azolla for green feed. Please can anyone give some lead on from where can I buy Azolla culture in Haryana or any nearby places.


Dear Sri Vikas ,

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For Azolla details, You can contact the District Horticulture/Veternary departments in Haryana  State , which is near to you.

you can also contact Agiculture/Horticulture universities near to your town.

if you want, you can start farming Azolla in your field, if you like to do.

Azolla – The best feed for cattle and poultry:

A small, tiny plant, Azolla is a water fern that floats in water.  Long before its cultivation as a green manure, Azolla has been used as a fodder for domesticated animals such as cows, pigs and ducks. In recent days, Azolla is very much used as a sustainable feed substitute for livestock especially dairy cattle, poultry, piggery and fish.

On dry weight basis, Azolla contains 30 – 35 per cent protein  and rich in essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins , which are very much required by animals like Dairy cows. The rare combination of high nutritive value and rapid biomass production, make Azolla a potential and effective feed substitute for live stocks.

equipments required for preparation of Azolla

Azolla culture, ponds, Polythene sheet, Super phosphate and Cow dung.

The area selected for Azolla nursery should be partially shaded, prefarably with a shade net. ensure that no leaves/waste pieces fell in the ponds. The convenient size for Azolla is 10 feet length, 2.5 feet breadth and 1 feet depth. The nursery pond is spread with a polythene sheet all around sides , including the bottom to prevent water loss. Soil is applied to a depth of 2 cm and 100 gms super phosphate is applied along with 2 kg of vermicompost or cow dung in the nursery for quick growth. Azolla mother inoculum is introduced @ 5 kg/pond.

The contents in the plot are stirred daily so that the nutrients in the soil dissolve in water for easy uptake by Azolla. Azolla is harvested fifteen days after inoculation at the rate of 50-80 kg / plot. One third of Azolla should be left in the plot for further multiplication. Five kg cow dung slurry should be sprinkled in the Azolla nursery at  ten days intervals. Neem oil can be sprayed over the Azolla , to avoid pest incidence.

Animal Dosage / day

Adult cow , Buffalo, Bullock 1.5-2  kg

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

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