Azolla cultivation and variety suitable for Dairy cattle

Please help me if anyone has the knowledge of Azola species suitable for dairy feed and also where can I get the seed I am based in Nagalnd.

I found this: … stock-feed
I would say write to NARDEP direct - the contacts and email id are given. And do post back here if you hear something.

Dear Mr.,
Plse contact  Azolla Project Kerala, Kalluvathukkal ,Quilon,Kerala

Dr.Kamalasanan Pillai

Mo.09387212005, You can give Ref.Biofarms,Idukki
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Dear ruuvilie,

From my understanding Azolla Variety “caroliniana” is the one good for cattle.

Padmanabhan Ganesan


I would say that NARDEP response to me was pretty disappointing. Dr. Pillai’s phone went unanswered and when I called one Mrs.Premalatha on the number mentioned on their website, I got a rude response that it was a wrong number! :frowning:

Anyways, I don’t know how helpful they can be when it comes to culture as it is a water based plant and I can’t think of any way to transport it from Kanyakumari to Bangalore without personally collecting it. I will try to find out if there are any local sources in Karnataka.


Are you there? Have you got some developments from first post to till date?
Can you come back with status?


I looked up youtube (search for azolla karnataka). There are bunch of videos out there. Most of them are from North Karnataka region. Pl. update incase you are able to find the source. I will also be interested to purchase.


I am having  some azolla  stock and feeding  our cows in goshalla. 

i can share azolla with any farmers in  srikakulam,vizianagaram, visakapatnam dist of andhra pradesh.

azolla has to be transported carefully.  if we carry in a bucket of water, the fine roots  break due to shaking and
the fern dies.  if you carry it  dry,  it  dries up very fast.

once taken out of water, it should be  placed in  new water  pond within 5 hours.

i do not know, what is the variety i have.

P madhava varma
ZBSF farmer

hi all,

Please see the attached image of my azolla, seed I got it from pmvarma.

Initial three weeks, not much growth.

Once desi cow dung is used, tank is full in less than one weeks