Avocado scion :Gem, hass, lamhass, sirprize, booth


Anyone want to build a avocado farm?
With many variaties :gem, hass,lamhass,pinkerton, sirprize.booth.
Contact me to disscous



Yes I am interested in avocado farm please reply me the rates and location.



where are you ? how best you can support?



Pls contqct me, facebook.com/avnsmith for easy talk



I’m from viet nam, i have just bring avocado scion and coffee seed to india.
I sell avocqdo scion abd giuld they hiw to graft avocqdo, coffee, and how to plant. I just sell scion, and i answer all question they ask bout avocado.
I have 10 year eperience in avocado plantation. Not know all about that but enough to build a good farm



Where are you in India ? What kind of climate it needs to grow ?



Many variaties for different area for your choice.
I’m at viet nam. I bring avocado scion to india



West Indian, Guatemalan and Mexican races have been tried in India. .

The fruits of West Indian race are medium in size and the fruit skin smooth, leathery and glossy. Fruits are borne on long stalks and require up to 9 months for ripening from the date of flowering. Its seeds are large, fitting loosely in the cavity. The oil content of the fruit is low (3-10 per cent). This race is suitable for warm tropical climates
West Indian varieties are grown in localised pockets in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and Kerala .
Some of the West Indian varieties are Fuerte, Bacon, Zutano, Hass, Booth 7, Booth 8, Sharwil and Ettinger etc.

Mexican race is cultivated on mid-altitude hills (pH 5-6). The fruit of Mexican race are Small (250 g) fruit type, ripening 6 to 8 months after flowering. Fruits have thin smooth skin with a large seed fitting loosely in the central cavity. Oil content is up to 30 per cent in the fruits. Trees of this race are cold hardy.

The fruits of Guatemalan race are fairly large, weighing up to 600 g . and borne on long stalks. The fruits ripen 9-12 months after flowering. Fruit skin is thick and often warty. Seeds, held tightly in the hollow of the fruit, are small. The oil content in fruits ranges between 8 and 15 per cent.

Both the Mexican and Gautemalan races are grown successfully in Sikkim

Some of the varieties of avocado for Indian agro climatic conditions are :
Green Type, Purple, TKD-1, Nabal, Linda, Puyevla, Gott-Froid, ,Furete, Pullock, Waldin.



Thanks this ìnfo
Like a report. Very much variaties, just lije viet nam. But i think we choose the variaties that market choosed. And for export in future. We try to plant mang variaties but not much market know that



I am from South India and I don’t have Facebook I am interested to buy from you, if know which variety grows in South India that will be great.you reach me at drinkwater.5gal@gmail.com, reply me your phone number I can talk to you or email. How much for each plant and how do I collect the plants.



Thanks @maitys for your information. I would like to speak to you about Stevia and Avacado. Please shar e your phone number or email, so that i can contact you directly. Thanks- Vnekat



@Venki_007 I’m currently engaged with a foreign company , so unable to provide you any service due to technical reasons .
Pl send me a mail to bhcv@ymail.com



@Venki_007 i know you r confused. But i think you should think about the avicado market in present. About the avicafo variaties to plant. Almost market is import Hass, pinkerton, lamhass, reed, gem …



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