Avocado Scion/Budwood - where to source?

I want to plant Avocado as inter crop in my Moringa farm. I need Avocado Scion/Budwood.
If any farmer is interested to sell Avocado Scion please reply.

Also does anybody know if Avocado Scion bringing from foreign country is legal? Is it allowed to bring without hassle at airport?

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All imported plants and plant materials are subject to quarantine rules. And you need to be a registered importer with quarantine facilities.

It’s best to have a importer to obtain this for you, rather than try to do this yourself.


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Please contact Dr. Muralidhar, Scientist, Central Horticultural Experiment Station, Chettalli, Kodagu Karnataka at this number -90058 47283. He will give you all information required.


Thanks @mohangs2007
If possible, also invite Dr. Muralidhar to join us on the forum so we can utilise his expertise.

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Yes, I am also interested.
dr. y. a. kawade,

Very good thinking of farming avocado.
I am also interested in the Avocado Farming, Please share more detail regarding the crop

Ratilal Sudani

I can provide genuine Hass and Fuerte avocado scionwood. You need prior permission to bring in budwood from abroad.

Phone - 9845149783