Average Yield per acre of Broccoli Lettuces Chinese cabbage

i am interested in knowing the ACTUAL yield per acre of Broccoli  Lettuces & Chinese cabbage (along with seed variety used and the location) in India. 
Farmers and Consultants are welcome to share their experiences.

Dear Mr.

Spacing the factor restricts the size of Broccoli, Chineese cabbage, Long lettuce etc

Broccoli  30 cm X 30 cm Bud size  400 -  500 gm

40 cm X 40 cm  -  600 - 750 gm

50 X 50 cm -  750gms - 1 kg

Under Idukki , Kerala - condition - Open field

Thank you
Good Luck

Thank you Biofarm.  :slight_smile:
Will keep that relationship between Broccoli spacing and mainhead wt. (yield) in mind.
And i shall report the harvest results in December.
About the Broccoli variety for sowing  i am focusing on  Shweta & Lucky - any guidance on that?

Meanwhile Thanks once again for Good Luck wishes ! Being a newbie i require it all the more!