Average cost of pure bred Holstein Cow in Karnatka?

Dear Members,

                      What might be the average cost of a pure bred Holstein/Jersey Cow near Nelamangala,Karnatka?

Dear Mr.Pawan,

The average cost for cross bred  HF will be between Rs.45000/- to Rs.55000/-. Please buy cows in the first lactation because after few deliveries,the yield gets reduced.

Age of a cow can be determined by looking the teeth in the mouth. Age of a cow with 2 permanent incisors at 2 years of age,4 at 3 years,6 at 4 years and 8 permanent incisors at 5 years of age.

Try getting cows from Krishnagiri -Kaverippattinam or Dharmapuri in TN on the bangalore road or Kolar area.

Avoid middlemen.Take with you a farmer guy who knows how to select cows.

Murali Krishnan