Availability of syngenta_summer queen cabbage seeds

:slight_smile: hi all
i need to know availabilty of syngenta summer queen cabbage seeds in mysore/bangalore/hassan
also syngenta roshini chilli seeds
please help this poor farmer


There is syngenta dealer on Sayajji rao road in Mysore, near Kanan Diagnostic centre. If you know this area, then look for RTC enterprises.
I had number in earlier phone, dont have now.
I had purchased Quisto variety about 2 yrs back at dealer rate. Dont know about this variety, but you can check with them.

Good luck. My number is 9880991531, let me know if you need help in directions how to reach in Mysore.


:slight_smile:thanks niks sir(saar will be better word :dĀ  its indigenous sir)my brother is mysorean :smiley:<:-p i will find out

thanks again