Availability of sexed semen in mysore

Hi all
Any Information regarding availability of sexed semen for HF and jersey cows in Mysore

Thank you

Dear Khannae sir,
Reliable Sexed semen for Dairy Cows, both for Indigenous and for HF, Jersey Cows, is best available with ABS India, Pune.
wish you all the best sir.
g.p.rao, Farmer

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Dear Khannae sir,
Also, next best available with BAIF (BISLD), at Sharda Nagar, Tiptur, Karnataka. (hope very near to your farm)
Up to my knowledge it is 70%% to 80%, Birth percentage of Heifer calf, in ABS India, Pune.( please verify with your veternary office Mysore for agents of this Sexed semen, near by Mysore area, hope there is an agent in Mandya.
Please ask BAIF, Tiptur for percentage of Heifer calf production.
wish you the best good Heifer calves.
g.p.rao, farmer

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Thank you so kuch g p rao sir
I had used ABS semen (non sexed)earlier, had good result
BAIF i tried contacting, their number is not in use

Dear sir,
Pl Try BAIF Tiptur 08134251337

Pl try ABS India dealer Genus Breeding India, Mandya at 08048372776
or better ask your nearest Dept Veterinary Doctors for their contact numbers, if these are wrong sir

I need not tell you, sure, you will be aware, Sexed Semon are doing excellent job. Even, Govt of India giving 2 crores subsidy on 4 crores project, with a condition that you have to use Indigenous sexed semen, even for HF, Jersy hybrid cows and must sell, specified part of the Heifer calves to Indian farmers.
g.p.rao, farmer

As usual g p rao sir for the rescue
I wish i had your zeal and passion for everything