Availability of EM in Bangalore

Pl let us know if we can get activated EM in small quantity say 2-3 Lts at Bangalore?

Glad to see EM user in Bangalore.
I dont think anybody sells activated one. you will have to activate it.

Please contact Maple orgtech, kolkotta. you can google and find adress.(these are the only license people who can sell EM1 in India)

Other than that you can find in golden mist farms Madikeri. (google to find adress)(I am not sure if these people are licensed to sell)

One of forum member got it from Mapleorgtech. 1L=300/-(door delivered to Karnataka)

Activation is not difficult, same people will give you activator also.

by the way where are going to use it? on fields? or domestic odor removal?

If you are looking for Bokashi bran, let me know I will try to find some contacts in Bangalore. see my post for bokashi users.

farmnest.com/forum/new-trends-in … /#msg15053

PS:EM1 and Bokashi gives same effects

Thank you ,I have small house in Nagarbavi Bangalore with a small garden.We had planted  3 Honge trees on the site boundary about 10 years back.We had tried composting of the fallen leaves in PVC 200 Lts drum with earthworms but some how it was not 100 percent successful.Many times the earthworms did not survive ,may be because of the heat.I had read about EM somewhere and now would like to try .Thank you very much for the  info on Bokashi bran. I would also like to use it for food waste composting also.

Also take a look at: dailydump.org/all-products

They have some products related to composting.

(I have neither used them nor am recommending their products, just a pointer)


  I guess we can make our own EM1 solutions and mix it with wheat bran to produce Bokashi bran. I hope there are some videos around in Youtube. Can anybody give inputs regarding this.?

EM1 is a patented product. you can prepare it for your own use but cannot sell it.

Hi Ecofarmer,

Did check up once from this company for sewage water treatment.I dont remember if they offer activated one or extended one. Suggest you to ask them for activator.

Genewin Biotech


Hope this helps.