Availability of Banana..?

Dear pals ,

  I want to cultivate Chandrabale,Nendrabale and Yelakki variety of Banana in 30 cent of the 5 Acre of my farm.Please help me in getting the qood quality suckers ,am based at kollegal,karnataka.

I have good quality hill banana in Kodaikanal Taluk, Tamilnadu and I can provide up to 2000 suckers disease free and high yield traditional variety. I am now selling banana highest @ Rs. 15 per banana and lowest so far is Rs. 4 per banana. On average @ Rs. 120 per kg. This speaks the quality of the parent root.

Now for suckers, since the season has lapsed for plantation (usually April-July), you can collect next season. But cost of each at my farm was be Rs. 60 per sucker this year. Since there was great demand for suckers this year, I am not sure if the same rate would continue next year. You can come and select the suckers and it will be removed. Removal cost will be Rs. 10 per sucker (payable directly to the worker). The sucker rates may go up to Rs. 100 per piece. 99% success rate was achieved this year.



please mention the variety name without it how can i trust…To be frank all things what you said is acceptable but cost are little high…

Atleast if i get Tissue culture Banana of putta bale or Yellaki variety will be helful,I need 150 plants at my farm in kollegal,karnataka.
please help friends

[color=green][font=times new roman]Thank you  Bhayya Gokul Sab,

We are having Best Quality  Plantain Variety of BANANA Suckers. Kindly make a Note that Plantain Variety is not having Tissue Culture. It may not be out of place to mention that in view of the Highest Prices of Vegetable there is a lot of Demand for Plantain Banana (vegetable Banana) with much Price and can have GOOD Returns.

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