Avacado Saplings in Bangalore

Hello Everyone, Can someone advise where & how to source Avacado saplings in Bangalore or near by. Thank you.

I have been searching for them for quite some time. No Luck

As far as I heard there is no hybrid veriety. All well grown fruit seeds can be used. No spalings needed. In Bangalore most of Juice centre supply milk shake of this fruit. Only you have to as is “Butter Fruit”

Sri Narayan reddy has several plants please contact him, below is his contact.
farmnest.com/forum/farming-news- … n#msg14612

Mr. Sriranga nayudu 94433354999 is supplying all type of saplings, his nursery situated near Perandapalli busstop (Hosur - krishnagiri high way)north side lake will supply saplings of Avacado. Sami nursery near TVS factory may also supply.
Dr Santhan