Automation for Agriculture


I am Sonu. I am software engineer wanting to automate any part of agriculture supply chain. Please let me know where i can contribute some software. It will be for free, and if you like it and it works out well, we can discuss the rest. Please let me know any contacts/potential customers who are looking for some automation.


Thank you Mr. Sonu,

I am also Interested in getting this Software.Kindly count me for this Project sir.

That s a good idea , it will help farmer a lot , now we need automaton in agriculture

it will be appreciated if do it quick

Hi Mr Sonu,
How you want to do automation in agriculture ? Can you elaborate please. If you voluntarily want to work on software for agriculture or other such fields please discuss with me.

Hello All,

Mr. Sonu: Which kind of automation you are working on, can you share some of the details.

We at yuktix are also dealing in providing automation at hardware and software level for precision agriculture. Please let us know what kind of work you are doing and probably we can talk further.


Regarding Yuktix : Yuktix is a start-up providing sensor based smart devices for agriculture and greenhouse/polyhouse. We are based in Bangalore.

Please let me know your thought, Its interesting to know the automation in agriculture.

Count me on for any help on automation

Hi Sonu,
I appreciate your thoughts.
I an electronics hobbyist,teacher,farmer and willing to collaborate with people like you.

hello all,

With reference to automating some tasks in agriculture, we are open for suggestions and can spend time on helping build whatever makes life easy for anyone connected with agriculture sector.

@yuktix - we are purely looking from software perspective.
@others - thanks for your interest in helping out, we will contact you, if we need any help.

please feel free to send me a message. what are ideas that we can think of which needs urgent attention for automation ?


A cropping software that can plot crop duration, yield based on planting dates will be useful. If it can be integrated with input use, inventory and accounting, it will be great.

If you have the skills to do a web based open source software, preferably in php/mysql, FarmNest can host it as a free/nominal cost service for farmers to use it for their own farms. Of course, we can help with the requirements as a community.

automization is very easy if u know the subject well…mainly PLC desing boards n sensors…timing switchs

I agree with Chandra here. A end to end inventory of the farm together with the farm layout, planted crops, the time of planting and tentative yield time together with the input and output costs etc would surely help the farming community.


Working on something, hope to complete it in this year, and provide here for testing. Lets see.


Break the suspense, Nikhil! :slight_smile:

We might all be working on the specs in isolation already, so happy to pool in ideas.

Yes I will, I will start a new thread with what requirements I have come up, others can suggest more.
Will do in 2-3 days as i am not in the farm.

I have already done one for dairy farming, small work remaining, will talk to Chandra on how we can host on farmnest and divide each users information based on login, sounds exciting.


While looking for automation in agriculture I stumbled upon the below website which has listed many open source and freeware tools. I have tried couple of them looks useful. People who are on-field can try and further recommend to the farmnest community. Also developers here can customize based on on-field recommendations.