Aumkara Vatika - Nikhil's Farm

First a background

We are a family of engineers, myself a BE Computer Science with 7 years work experience in Mumbai, my father BE Civil with 30 years exp., my wife BE Electronics with 7 years work ex. All of us left our jobs and shifted to rural life to escape the madness of cities and present corporate world. The goal was to live a life with no stress, clean air and most important, bring up our son in a pure and clean environment. We clearly believe that child development is linked to their experience with nature; unfortunately people have chosen to ignore this in cities. Also, we also observed that the school going children of today have become mindless drones who are encouraged by everyone to mug up and top the class, like the movie 3 Idiots showed clearly. We do not want such a life for our son. Its better to go to average school and learn practical skills than memorizing huge texts for the sake of grades.

Home sweet Home

The first thing that we wanted to build was our home. We wanted it to be spacious and traditional, since space is not constraint. Also, it was clear from day one that we will be shifting to the farm and live there as family, all members together. So it is very important to take everyone into confidence otherwise you wont be able to do justice to anything and will result in unhappiness. Family always takes precedence over all things. So attached one of the pictures of our house, the landscape has changed since the photo, we have planted more trees and gardening to improve the barren look in the picture. Your farm is your kingdom, live like kings.


The most adored member of the household. A golden retriever 4 years old now. He was puppy when we started and look how he has become. The most gentle soul in the farm, he does not harm even smallest insect, that’s how friendly he is. He is hardly for security, more of entertainment. You don’t notice time when you spend time with pets, especially dogs. My father chants mantras every morning in our small temple, Raja has not missed one single session. He will come and sit next to him, wherever he may be on the farm. Pretty extraordinary. Well, all I can say is he is a Brahmin dog.

The time we ventured into capsicum

We had small greenhouse and one of the crops was capsicum. It was most memorable as the plants responded to our efforts and grew beautifully. We harvested for almost 2 months before losing the crop to mildew attacks. We had planted 50% red color and 50% yellow color. But surprisingly we did not sell any color capsicum, only green capsicum as we got rates like Rs. 40-50 per kg, funny how things turn out in-spite of planning. Farming is very unpredictable, too many variables like weather, pests, water, diseases, labor, seed quality, and market demands. It needs a genius to manage all of them, I know only one genius, God, in our case Eshwara. If he is with you, then everything falls into place. We have Eshwara temple adjacent to our property, he gives us courage to continue despite all the speed humps that we encounter.

Present Day - Drumstick

This is what is standing in 2 acres of our property. This is a 6 month old drumstick with horse gram planted for weed control as well as nitrogen fixing. Beauty of drumstick is very easy to maintain, doesn’t care for lots of water and grows very fast in-spite of damages to the plant. We hope to harvest good quantity of drumsticks and make truckloads of money, well hope is everything.

Tips for new people shifting

  1. Don’t do it for the money. You will always earn better in your present job without any risks. Rural life should be looked at a change of lifestyle, without social responsibilities, restaurants, cinemas, malls, posh schools etc. IF AND ONLY IF your whole family is ready to accept this, do the switch. At first it seems like uphill struggle, but you have to accept the fruits of efforts the way nature gives you, it will give you better health, better concentration power and better time for yourself. You should learn to value that, people in cities don’t value themselves most of the time.
  2. Jump and learn to swim, its not difficult. There is no gain without pain. Don’t plan too much, things have ways of working out.
  3. Accept situations and results and move on, don’t stop and think too much. Always remind yourself that it could have been worse. Things will not always happen like you want them to, no worries, move on. Take what god gives you, he will never spoil you.
  4. Family is important, don’t do it alone. If your immediate family like spouse or children don’t want to come, you also should not. Ultimately, they are the people who give you joy and support; nothing can be done without support. Work on convincing them and once that is done, anything is achievable.
  5. Don’t fantasize sitting in an air-conditioned office about farm life. It is not enough just reading my post, or all other posts on different websites. Farm life needs to be visualized at the farm. So if you are working and not ready to move out, my sincere advice is to concentrate harder on your present tasks and not fantasize. One hour of physical work in the hot summer sun will open up all holes and crush all fantasies. When you are ready to take life altering decisions, then start thinking.

What I have written something which will no doubt offend some, please don’t think of me as evil. Some parts are meant to be taken with humor. We have endured 7 years of corporate life in a city like Mumbai, so I can tell you first hand changes that we have felt. If any of you wish to visit, please let me know. You are most welcome. Good luck - Nikhil



What a co-incidence - I am also a Civil Engineer who moved to a farm from city. All the points you have mentioned are 100% right - it should help as a guide to any one wanting to leave city and move to a farm. In future I will write about my experience of city to farm.

Thanks - Ravi.

Hi Nikhil,
Good to read your post. I’m sure you are enjoying this new stint away from concrete jungle.
I too moved from corporate life and just started natural farming. Will post details later.
By the way where is your farm located.

So refreshing to read your experience.Looks like you have built a paradise of your dreams.Good for you and hope your plans bear fruit.

My Story is a Bit Different. I came all the way from Darjeeling ( West Bengal) was Doing Job in New Delhi. At a point of my life after all Pollution, Traffic Jams, Congested life I decided to quit my corporate Job as a Online Digital Media Branding and Promotion Expert.

For the LOVE of Nature and Mother Earth…

Came to Varanasi (UP), 8 months back ( which is not my State also) to do Organic Farming of Indian and Exotic Vegetables considering the untapped market of Foreign Customers + Pilgrimage coming from all Parts of India. Soon I was struck by the Stone of reality on my Head… I realised I cannot become rich only by selling Vegetables of worth 6 lakhs on just less than 4 Acre Land which was not even lose to what I Expected.

So I started rigorously throwing my hands here and there just to figure out what I landed myself into along with my family and How to Create fortune through this farming alone ?

There has to be a way up

Then I figured out Agrotourism might be an answer which can led me out of this Illusion of Farming Organic Vegetables and going BROKE.

I tested several MODELS of Agrotourism and Successfully hacked my way out of this misery. This PROVEN successful model has given me the strength to Sustain in this Farming Business without worrying about money anymore ( Expecting to do Business close to 4 crore this year from less than 4 acres of Organic Farming on Leased LAND ). Wish me LUCK friends. Hope all my farming friends will get what they Truly Deserve !

Hi Sir,
It was very good article …Can you explain more about this…How do we learn and how much we need to pay ??

Just Click the link and watch this Video to know more…

Hi, yes you are very true. Since shifting the whole family is quite difficult, in my case i had a different approach. I am also an engineer, mechanical, from College of Guindy 1970 batch. I had been planning my retirement days for quite some time. After serving in a large automobile company in north Chennai, i left my job after 22 years and started my own exports and imports firm in 1992. In 2012 when i was 64 years i left this firm to my son and became a FARMER. Having around 8 acres next to the kaveripakkam lake, clay soil, with 2 EB sanctioned wells i had no problem in farm work. Built a 300 + 300 sft house with 3 phase connection and am really enjoying my days.
As you had said, clean air, any of my family / friends can use it to the fullest. Self sufficient in fruit trees, a small vegetable garden, poultry, rabbitry…indeed wonderful.
My web site is Pallava Integrated Farm…just type it in your browser. Monthly event pictures from day one is posted there and can see the progress in all these 6 years.
Antony Raj