Artificial induction of flowering in moringa

" Why my moringa trees did not flower? " is the general worries of many of the moringa farmers.what could be the reason ?
1.Genetic cause ( variety ) & climate ( Environment)
3.Micronutrient deficiency
4. Imbalance in plant hormones .
Intervention to induce flowering
1.Spray fermented mixture of coconut milk and buttermilk @50 ml in one lit water.
2.Spray potassium nitrate @0.5%/ Nitrobenzene @0.5%/calcium chloride @0.5%/salycylic acid @ 1%
3.Mix milky white asafoetida @ 10 grams in 1 lit curd and spray over leaves @ 25-50 ml in 1 lit water
For pollination by bees
Dissolve 100 grams of honey or sugar in one litre water and spray it over flowers in the evening .It invites bees in large numbers to moringa flowers . Bcoz moringa is a highly cross pollinated crop and cross pollination is effected mainly by bees.
Due to lack of sufficient quantity of humus in soil that acts as store house of plant nutrients and feed for billions of soil microbes and changes in climatic pattern , flowering is badly impacted . So suitable agronomical intervention is needed to induce flowering in moringa. Farmer should analyse the exact causes for non flowering and always buy seeds only from trusted source for harvest of economic yield .