Article about fellow forum member on a leading newspaper

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There was a nice article about a fellow forum member on a leading newspaper. Please see the attachment.

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Congratulations Hari!

Dear Sri Hari,

CONGRATULATIONS. Good achievement and path showing.

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Please translate

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please translate the article.

Thank you Raj, I will keep you updated.
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Hari Devarapalli

Dear Hari,

Hearty congratulations!

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Looking at pollution everywhere and observing extensive usage of pesticides got him thinking.
Reflecting upon the healthy life that his parents and grandparents had, he decided to
go for natural farming. Action soon on his thought, he acquired good desi breed cows from
Gujarat and Rajasthan.

With encouragement and support from his father, grandfather he started focusing on farming.
While continuing in his Software profession he started to venture into farming.

He has been getting good results with Jeevamrutham. Leveraging it, he is getting a good
yield in palmoil of about 70 tonnes from 5 acres. In addition he also grows, coconut, cocoa,
and wheat. He has able to harvest 17 bags of wheat from half an acre.
In 5 acres of mango, he uses concoction made from cow urine, garlic, neem and chilli. He
uses this as spray instead of pesticides. He and his family consume rice, vegetables and
cow milk.

Quoting Hari - “I enjoy farming more than software profession. If all farmers start focussing
on Natural farming they would be eat healthy food, lower expenses and start marching towards
making profit.”

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Congrats Hari!!

And big thanks for the translation  :slight_smile:

Thanks Senthil and Guru.

Congratulations Hari…

Thank you.

Congratulations Hari…

Thank you Ravindra .