Arka Rakshaka variety tomato plants dying

Dear Forum Members,
I am new to agriculture and just ventured with plantation of tomato in one acre in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I have planted the Arka Rakshaka variety developed by IIHR, Bangalore. I gave the seeds in horticulture department  for raising the seedlings in protray method. One month seedlings were planted in open field. Now plants are one month old in the field. I gave basal dose of NPK followed by the fertigation of 19:19:19 as per the recommendation. The variety is known for triple disease resistance to leaf curl, bacterial wilt and early blight. But of late I am finding few healthy plants are dying. Not sure what is it for and what is to be done. I am attaching two photos for members to understand. Please advise what is to be done.
Another observation is though it is claimed that plants are somewhat bigger in size, I am finding flowering in the one month plants which have not gone to staking level as yet. Any comments?

From the Pictures Attached I Find that the leaves are Curling

Curling leaves may be a sign of a viral infection. Normally this virus is transmitted through whiteflies or through infected transplants.
Though it can take up to three weeks before any symptoms develop, the most common indicator of the disease is the yellowing and upward curling of the leaves,

Other Reasons for Curling Leaves  may also be triggered by uneven watering, high temperatures, and dry spells.