Arecanut (Betelnut) Disease - Can anyone identify the problem?


We have recently harvested arecanuts from my farm in Malnad (Western Ghats) region of Karnataka. The nuts appeared healthy on the outside with no holes, decay. However, when they were cut open, the nuts seemed to have decayed. I could not see any worm/ organism. And I am pretty sure the decay is not consistent with the well known rot/ wilt that occurs during monsoons.

We did spray the regular amounts of Bourdeaux mixture during monsoons and the trees do not appear diseased in any way. Also, none of my neighboring farms have observed this problem. We do not spray or use any other insecticide/ fertilizer other than the Bourdeaux mixture to prevent rot.

Pics attached. Let me know if anyone else on this forum has experienced this problem and if you have a solution. Almost 20% of my produce is affected. :frowning:


Please contact Sri Padre of Adike patrike He may guide you to any farmers who found a solution for this.

Thanks Sri. Good idea! He happens to be a distant relative of mine too… :stuck_out_tongue: It never struck me!

Welcome. Dont forget to post any solution you find.

Now that I think about it, whatever we grow in my farm (areca, vegetables), it’s infected in the same way. Looks good from the outside, rotten from the inside. We have seen this in Brinjal, Bitter Gourd (!!) and Tomato other than Areca.  The only crop that grows exceedingly well is chillies! All varieties.

first of all how far is your farm from bengaluru. if you are interested, we can solove the problem

My farm is about 370 km from Bangalore (6 hours drive).

if you can make the next move, we can meet near bengaluru/mysuru after 10th feb and solve the problem.