Are you buying agri land? See this. It could happen to you one day

It is a story of a farmer fighting to save his land farm house from getting acquired. His land got acquired for a Petrochemical factory. He questioned in supreme court. Yesterday Supreme court ruled the decision of acquisition on top. His compensation money is transferred to bank account.

Can this happen to anybody if central bill on Land acquisition passed in Rajyasabha?

I post this video with pain.

He asks officials “where is the judgement copy? If you produce I will vacate myself.”

Just horrendous.

Was the judgement in the farmer’s favor?

No. Judgement was against him. He has fought for 4 years now. He did not resist much.

Really heart rending story. assuming that the farmer was given notices by the authorities, even then such act is not human. it’s pitiful to see them crying.

Does anyone know where can I read more about this case or what is the farmer’s name and location?


Farmers name is Gregory Patrao, Place is Mangalore,Karnataka.

Look whats happening with the farmers in the area where new capital is being setup for AP. These can happen to anybody

People want roads, canals, irrigation, electricity, dams, employment. How is this possible if no land can be acquired? The pain of the acquiree should be reduced or it should not be there at all by adequate and timely compensation. Certain types of compensation are inbuilt. For example if a road takes away a part of a person’s land the rest of the land is benefitted with the better connectivity. The Land bill should be passed.

kvinodkumar, one question - did you watch the complete video?

Govt. can acquire the Land for Public Purpose/Developmental activities. But the Land Bill should be favouring the Farmer in Providing a Land to Land of better one than that of the Land Acquired while providing Constructions as to that of the earlier lost and also should Provide Compensation for getting re-settlement without any Pain. Irrespective of the State whether be a Farmer or General Public should Fight for the above or any other Modalities without giving any Pain to the person who losts the Property for the Public Purpose.

for Vasudha Green Farms,,

Absolutely heartbreaking and disgusting. I could feel their pain knowing what it takes to nurture each tree and every inch of your land. No compensation would be acceptable. Developement for whom and at whose cost? >:(