Are pesticides restricted?


I am really new to this and am having a serious pest issue. The most common and effective pesticide seems to be aluminium phosphide. But it seems to be  legally restricted. I don’t really have a farm license or anything. It’s just unused land that I started using for farming with my wife.

Does anyone know anything equivalent I can use if that is illegal to buy without a license?

Thank you

Aluminum Phosphide is a fumuigative agent. It also used to kill rats. You can use to disinfect soil by fumigation using aluminum phosphide.

You must use it carefully, when it comes into contact with air it oxidizes and generates fumes which is toxic.

By the what crops do you have and what pest is damaging crops. If you post a picture of the pest it will be help for members to identify.

Hi sri2012,

The primary crop is maize. The problems is with rodents and mole-like things.

From what I have been reading Aluminum Phosphide is very effective (albeit dangerous) to use.

Unfortunately I am far away from my farmhouse at the moment to take a pic, and wanted to buy pesticides while I am in the city before I go back.

Is Aluminum Phosphide illegal to buy? A Google search has made it seem like it is restricted.

If its illegal how the shopkeepers in all the places sell…

I have been reading news about how they are restricting the sale of aluminium phosphide. http:// www. cibrc.nic. in /ibr2012.doc

what brand names should I ask for? will they ask for an ID, farm documents or something? i dont want to get into trouble in the process.

Many farmers use  it mixed with manures and spray in the fields.Hope no one ask for farm documents…just cross check with your local fertilizer shop,as am a farmer cultivating by organic methods i dont buy or use any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides from shops