Arborist? - What the hell is that?

Arborist? How many of us know the meaning of this term? Came across this interesting word. Checked it out in wiki…

An arborist, or (less commonly) arboriculturist, is a professional in the practice of arboriculture, which is the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants. An informal term is ‘Tree surgeon’. Arborists generally focus on the health and safety of individual plants and trees, rather than managing forests (the domains of Forestry and Silviculture) or harvesting wood. An arborist’s scope of work is therefore distinct from that of either a forester or a logger, though the professions share much in common.

More from wiki here :

let me breakt it down in few simple words Arborists trim and prune and cat down trees and turn them into mulch or firewood and they give assessments of the health of trees. More info about them on the link. It is a job that you need to do training and studying for so as to learn how to identify the type of tree and any illnesses it might have. The pay can be variable as if you are a private contractor you rely on people phoning you and asking you to prune their trees. If you work for the local council you have regular work.