Aquaponics system of farming

I am planning to go for aquaponics system for vegetable and fruit farming in my proposed farm at Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu.  I have a 3 acre plot of land.  I plan to put up aquaponics in 5000 sft.  I would like to know from my experienced friends - how much approx. it would cost for the aquaponics system (including installation of green house & hydroponics), what would be the yield (of vegetables & fruits - you can assume suitable vegetables & fruits) that I can expect, How much would the green house construction cost, whether 5000 sft is a good enough area for aquaponics or do you recommend something bigger, is any consultant services required for this and if so how much would be the consultancy charges etc.  I welcome all frank and realistic responses.

Dear Sri Venkatram,

As a farmer, I want to suggest you the following.

Pl visit some Aquaponic/Aeroponics  farming. One you can see at Horticulture Dept,Chikballapur, Karnataka ,  one at KF Bioplants, Pune, and one at IARI/ICAR ,Pusa, New Delhi, etc. There are so many others also doing Aquaponics/Aeroponics. Gather required information and visit some places and have an idea about Aquaponic/Aeroponics farming.

Pl study Aquaponics, Aeroponics and Hydroponics. So many books are also available at big book shops. Pl read and find the diffarance between Hydroponics, Aquaponics and Aeroponics etc. Then only please invest money as high investments are required.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear Mr. Rao,

Thank you very much for your kind response and valuable advice.  As you would have understood from my post, I am a novice in farming business.  Am a civil engineer by profession but now want to venture it to farming (to be my own boss and be relieved of the mindless pressures of my corporate profession) and also because I find farming interesting and gives a lot of personal satisfaction.  I request you to kindly keep extending me all advice and help based on your expertise which will be greatly helpful to me.  May I request your kind guideline as to how I can start on this venture and what kind of crops or plants I should start with etc.  Once again, thanks for your response and advice.

Thank you Sir, If you want to go for Aquaponic Farming, Pl. Visit the Farm of Mr. Viswandha Raju which is near tpo Hyderabad. Heis making lots of Experments and succceeded.

Vasudha Green Farms,
Chimaldari(V) Mominpet (M),Rangareddy Dist,Telangana,

Dear Sri Venkatram,

First observe the crop pattern abutting to your land and/nearby to your land. Is your land is low lying and/or Dry/elevated. Also  ensure whether you will be a all time farmer or visiting farmer. Inform these details to our forum.

If your lands are elevated and good soils,and if water is available, and you are a full time farmer, go for seasonal flower,like rose, chrysanthemums etc, vegetables on pendal system and/or fruit plantations like papaya, banana,drumstick etc. Even you can grow same above in green houses. Pl go in low profile as it is a begining. With the help/hiring of consultants, you can go in a big way.

if your lands are low lying, go for crops like paddy,cereals, pulses etc.

Pl post all your feelings,land details, water details,and other required information, so that some of our farmer friends can suggest you suitable.

wish you all the best.    g.p.rao,  …farmer

[code][b][color=green][font=times new roman]Thank you Rao Garu ,

For Aquaponics system of farming one can go for lowlying or elivated Lands are also suitable, under Bucket Planting System, provided there shlould be sufficient water for Aqua Farming. But for Plantation of papaya, banana,drumstick etc elevated Land is Required. Please go through the following Links for your Guidence.

But however the suggestion of OPur Rao Garu is Primarily considerable to go for Small extent initially and exted after Gaining Concept of Latest Farmings.


Vasudha Green Farms,
Chimaldari(V) Mominpet (M),Rangareddy Dist,Telangana,

Dear Sri. Rao garu, Vasudha farms,

Thanks for your valuable advice and information which I greatly appreciate.  My land is not low lying.  It is dry and elevated.  Water availability is presently there with one open well and I am planning to go for a borewell too.  The land abutting my land is presently open uncultivated land.  However, in nearby farms, they are primarily concentrating on trees and fruit plants (Teak, coconut, mango, banana, guava, cashew etc.) and intercrops of vegetables, chilly etc.  I am not a full time farmer.  I will only be a visiting farmer atleast for next two years.  As advised by both of you, I would definitely like to start with a small aquaponics set up only.  Please suggest me what could be the minimum size.

Thanks to M/s Vasudha farms for giving reference of Mr. Viswanadha Raju.  I will definitely try to visit his farm as soon as possible.  One small query about aquaponics.  Has any one of your worked out the economics / commercials of aquaponics ?  Leaving the setting up cost (one time fixed cost), how much does the operating cost of aquaponics work out to and how does it compare with the productivity / crop out put ?  I see that we may have to operate the water pumping system continuously - which means power consumption is continuous. How much is the cost of power in aquaponics ?  Seems that this will be significantly high.  In that case, how aquaponics will work out for large farm setups ??  I am primarily only considering growing vegetables and some flower plants.  Is it okay ?

Also, the kind of fish recommended for aquaponics is Tilapia which does not have a market in India.  What other types of fishes are preferable ? 

Thanks once again to both of you for your continued guidance and responses.


Thank you Sir, Mr.Venkatram_ts Garu,

As far as the Norms of NHB, Mi9nimum Unit of Green House is for 108 Sq. Mtrs. for Availing subsidy.However , please consult your Horticulture Officer for Availing Subsidy.
Crops can also be raised even in Open Farming, but it is not Economical. When you are coming to Hyderabad, pl. Cotact me on 9133498366 in Advance I will arrange meeting with Mr. Viswanadha Raju. We will impart consultancy service for all Types of Farmings.

Vasudha Green Farms,
Chimaldari(V) Mominpet (M),Rangareddy Dist,Telangana,


Hi Venkat
Did you end up starting aquaponics farm. If so please let me know your phone number. I am a Mining Engineer who is passionate about starting aquaponics in commercial scale on similar land scale like what you got. I am at very early stage but any information is appreciated. Thanks,

Arul Sivalingam