Aquaponics - new scientific way of farming plants and fish together

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Please watch this video -
I look forward to your comments, feedback, and questions about this new way of farming.

We are thinking of a formal launch of this demo system facility on November 14th, 5 PM, Children’s Day.  It would be really great if we could have your esteemed presence on that day.  Consider this as an open invitation to all farming enthusiasts.

Few specs of the pond,
Volume - 55,000L
Number of fishes - 4000 (tilapia, rohu, catla, cypernus, mrigala, and snakehead)
Plants - total 500 sites for now (300 spinach in NFT and 200 tomato/green chilli/long beans, pudina, etc)


I am working in Chennai, basically from Adoor, Kerala. Woul like to know more about Aquaponics and how can I start. My father is just retired from Indian Army and looking for agricultural activities. Myself interested to learn Aquaponics.

Sujith S.L.

please share something about aquaponics project, setup cost, benefits as compared to traditional polyhouse farming.