Aquaponics - need info

Can somebody help me to get some info on Aquaponics system and also how popular this system in india.
I want to do aquaponics farming in India.

Thank you
Ashutosh … icseen#new

Hi Ashutosh, very few people are aware of how much of our food will be raised in this Aquaponics fashion in the future, and this system uses only 10% of the water needed for the same amount of crop produced on land. The other detail that still fascinates me is how far India is behind in this area while other parts of the world have recognized the need and taken action much more quickly than here.  As water becomes more of an issue we will begin to see more of these systems. Let’s hope India gets on board soon.

Aquaponics is really a very simple sustaining system, and we think it is the simplicity of “the fish provide the food for the plants, the plants clean/filter the water, and it is returned to the fish tanks”, it all occurs with only a 7% loss of water which is due to evaporation. In my mind, the logic mimics what Mother Nature does and she is very eager to do something that is so good for our environment as well as feeding our bodies with clean, healthy fresh fish and vegetables.

Let me know how else I can help you with.

Kind regards, Vijay KN
Aquaponics Futurist at NARDC

Thanks NAARDC,

For your kind info that you mentioned, but the thing in i am new in Aquaponics
I want to know the basic like how to start and item required as well.

kindly provide some detail if i can contact you by any other means.

thank you


First ; There is plenty of information on the web. Freely available.
Second ; Start a small aquaponics system at home / own premises. Min investment and Max learning.

Finally ; In india there are no commercial projects in aquaponics farming. Almost everyone I have spoken to are trying their best at a hobby or amateur level.
As of now the nutrients / materials for constructing the aquaponics unit and the balance of water quantity to plants / water quantity to fishes / number of fishes to number of plants is still being refined.

All the best and keep persevering. Update us on your progress.

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Thank you Sir,

kindly provide us the Material Required for Establishing Acquaponic. Whether Acquaponic and Hydroponic are one and the Sa,me.  Farming kit.What are the Material required. Wheres hall we get the material for erecting the unit in Hyderabad.Whether Green Shade is Necessary.  How  to make Farming and what material be filled and how to provide water etc. Kindly provide Full Tutorial for me as well as to our Forum Members too.

Thank you With Best Wishes,
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