Aquaponics, integrated fish and plants farming

Aquaponics = Aquaculture + Organic Hydroponics
Integrated fish and plants farming!

When our ancestors tossed a few dead fish into the ground with their vegetable seeds, they were providing a great source of fertilizers.  Since fish decay rapidly, their proteins and amino acids quickly turn into nitrogen which can be used by the plants.  A 21st-century version of the plants/fish combination, Aquaponics, uses live fish to supply the nutrients.  This not only smells a whole lot better, it makes a lot of sense.  You get two high value crops from the same space and the same amount of water.  From small scale hobby systems to experimental domestic projects in protective shelters such as rain shelters or small polyhouses, integrating aquaculture with vegetable production has turned out to be a good way to increase commercial agricultural profits and improve food supplies in India.

Two principal applications of the aquaponics technology are readily apparent. One is as a small-holder activity using local inputs, providing food self-sufficiency plus a surplus for the cash market. A second application is as large-scale, commercial enterprise/s sited near population centers. Either approach could be combined with ongoing water conservation/harvesting, gardening, local-food or commercial greenhouse projects, planned or already in place. This technology is eminently applicable to the requirements of regions where water and/or land resource availability are dominantly limiting to food production.  The shortage of fresh water and loss of prime agricultural lands to accommodate growing human populations will require the development of new crops and new agricultural systems to meet the demands for food, fiber, and fuel while reducing the environmental impacts of their production.

The objectives of this presentation are also to identify the opportunities and challenges affecting commercial aquaponic system sustainability and to suggest avenues for future research and demonstration that will increase mass-scale adoption of this system by the agriculture community.

The objectives of this post is to create awareness of this high value agriculture (HVA) and to help identify the opportunities and challenges affecting commercial aquaponic system sustainability.  We hope to see a mass-scale adoption of this system by the agriculture community. 

You are welcome to be a part of aquaponics organic farming movement.  Any questions on this way of farming or the progress we made so far, you may ask here.  Let us discuss.

Regards, vkn

Vijayakumar Narayanan
Independent Aquaponcis Consultant
Nanniode Aquaponics Research and Development Center

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Dear Sri Vijaykumar Narayan,

Good and great job by you on behalf of Nanniode Aquaponics and Development Centre. We are much inspired with your Objectives and are in need for present farming community. High value agriculture is a must , now a days.

I am an engineer , retired voluntarily from services , with an intrest in farming and from past 33 years, I am in Fruits growing ( Pomology ) , Vegetables growing ( Olericulture ) and Flowers growing ( Floriculture ) , in possible high density planting of diffarent crops, by investing little more money , with an intention to make more money in short duration. Of course , successful till now.

Now after reading your post, felt very happy. We are eager to see one of your plants/Fish Aquaponics , High Value Agriculture project. If you permit few of us , like minded will visit your farms and can be discussed.

After seing the project, we can easily understand your advises, can start few projects under your supervision and can go threw it successfully, We beleive.

We will wait for your appointment , basing on your time acceptance.

with best wishes,        g.p.rao,    farmer

Greetings!  Good to see your message.  I am available mostly on Sundays to take on the visitors and show you around our demo and commercial systems at Nanniode (for a route map, Google NARDC, Nanniode, Palakkad).  Please make a call on a Saturday and confirm your arrival and my availability on Sunday.  Thank you.

Kind regards, vkn
81292 19282

Dear Sri Vijaykumar Narayan,

thank you sir. we will avail this opportunity soon and on prior appointment from you on saturdays.

In advance we will put a request to you, try to give us some technical write up on this project, in our visit.

with best wishes,      g.p.rao,    farmer

Okay.  Here is a You Tube playlist that features some of the aquaponics projects we mentored. … Y1TQMrXPMB

These videos cover some of the technical info that you request.  Please have a look to get an idea of how we work.